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Our Petites Toes Ballet class is for ages 9 to 18 months where the parent/ carer and baby can enjoy the class together. We combine movement with props, musical instruments and mime activities to encourage bodily awareness, as well as helping socialise with other little ones.

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Our Petites Steps Ballet class for ages 18 months to 4 years introduces basic ballet moves through play, mime and music creating a fun and imaginative class. Parents are still welcome to stay and enjoy this class with their child as this often helps to build confidence and increase their enjoyment. As they get older and more confident you are very welcome to have a break and leave them to it! 




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Petites Toes

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Our Petites Leaps class for ages 3 to 4 years acts as a foundation to the ISTD Pre-Primary syllabus. Parents no longer stay in the class enabling the child to become more indepedent. We further develop the basic moves learnt in the Petites Steps Ballet class to aid co-ordination, spatial awareness and physical and sensory development. The children work individually, with a partner or a group to encourage creativity and self-expression.



Petites Steps

Petites Leaps

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