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Building your Childs confidence in a safe and nurturing environment 

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"My daughter loves her lessons with Miss Amy. She has helped her develop in many ways including concentration, listening and following instructions as well as the all important ballet skills. She is brilliant with the children, with lots of good ideas to really appeal to their imaginations."






"I love the way Miss Amy encourages & embraces my 5 year old sons desire to dance. He throughly enjoys her classes both ballet & tap & she's given him the confidence to be himself. He's learning so much & his dancing is going from strength to strength."


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Release your imagination and come with us on a journey to far off lands, and do battle with Captain Hook with the Lost Boys cheering you on. 

Fall down the Rabbit Hole and follow the White Rabbits adventure with Alice.

Discover a whole world in your own imagination and create plays and theatre with improvisation.

Develop your confidence to read in class.


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